Greetings and thanks for visiting my website.

The best way I can serve is to help you expand your awareness of your soul self, share ways for you to heal yourself, encourage you to know the essence of you loving self, recognize what you are passionate about, and to clarify the perception you have of yourself as an incredible and infinite light being of Source.

Often I am asked, what will a spiritual reading, attending a workshop, or reading one of my books do for me. In simple terms, my purpose is to help you find harmony and balance in your daily life and to recognize the obstacles of mind, body, and soul that are preventing you from realizing the peace and joy that is your nature state of being. Although I do not have all the answers, I can tap into the energies of our loved-ones in spirit, our spirit guides, and universal consciousness to provide methods and tools to empower you to improve your life. Messages provide encouragement and support for the healing that your soul seeks in your relationships, career, family situations, and the daily challenges and opportunities of your life. Also, I can help you understand the interconnection between your mental thoughts, emotions, soul’s karma and your physical body so that you can bring peace back to any ‘dis-ease’ within yourself.

It is my passion to promote the recognition of your infinite consciousness, the continuity of your life, and the laws of nature so that you may heal and discover a greater sense of contentment, joy, and peace. You are a miracle maker and to recognize and implement the beliefs of your higher self will empower you to believe in the innocence of yourself and your sacred connection to God.

I have been blessed with many incredible and awakening experiences that include the unique opportunity of blending the scientific approach to our being with the metaphysical and intuitive nature of life. I was educated in cell and molecular biology, researched in the biotechnology field, and was a college biology instructor in the anatomical sciences. These opportunities gave me great insight and understanding in the nature of our physical life and the laws of science and reasoning. As a perpetual student of life, I completed advance studies in metaphysics, mediumship, science of mind, and intuition to obtain an enhanced understanding of our soul self. But nature is my wisest teacher and exploring the beauty, contentment, and harmony of her wisdom allows me to expand and develop the understanding of life.

Besides nature, I continuously study the great teachings of the master teachers such as;  Jesus, Buddha, Jung, Steiner, Sagan, Holmes, Ruiz, Cayce, Myss, Hicks, and Tolle, just to name a few. My thrills are to think, hike, write, read, travel and to meditate on the purpose and meaning of life and universal law.

As a medium and intuitive, I can provide you with the opportunity of communicating with your departed-loved ones and spirit guides. It can be a very healing and enlightening experience to have a spiritual reading so that you might get a better prospective about your life, your soul’s journey and to maintain your connection to those that have crossed over to the World of Spirit.

As an educator, I hope to provide you with interactive learning experiences so that you can enhance your awareness, expand your consciousness, understand yourself as an energy being, apply and develop your intuitive abilities, connect with your spirit guides and realize and understand the unlimited power you possess. My workshops are designed to engage you in individual and group exercises, meditations, and discussions on exploring and developing your intuitive abilities and to help heal.

It is a privilege and an honor to serve you. I greatly appreciate the trust you put in me to help your heart to heal, your mind to expand, and your soul to be inspired. Please enjoy this site and I encourage you to share your ideas, concerns,and inspirations. Create a beautiful and peaceful day for yourself.





Message from James Van Praagh…

“Science and Spirit mix beautifully with this gentleman. He is a medium and a detailed healer. He is part psychologist, doctor, healer, mystic and all together a wonderful spiritual teacher. Go see what I mean…” JVP_Headshot_1